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Vivien Hoffpauir
26 May 1980
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♥ Name: Vivien Hoffpauir
♥ Age: 29
♥ Loves Wushu, Art & Dusty
♥ Straight Edge
♥ Designer for Vivcore Labels
♥ Married with 3 Cats

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18th century, 18th century literature, 1920's, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's, animal crossing, aristocrats, art, baking, ball-jointed dolls, baroque, beads, beauty marks, big dresses, bjd, boots, boucher, boutique toys, brocade, bugs, buttons, candy violet, cats, chat, chemise dresses, chemises, cherry blossoms, china, classic, collars, comics, coordination, corsets, costuming, court gowns, crafts, crowns, cupcakes, dandy, decor, desserts, diy, dolls, drawing, dressmaking, dying my hair, edwardian, elegance, embroidery, ethnic food, fabric, fancy work, fans, fashion, foreign languages, fragonard, frills, fruit, fruits, gardens, garters, geisha, gloves, going out, gothic, graffiti, hair clips, handwriting, hardcore, hats, hello kitty, indie film, japan, kanzashi, kimono, kitties, kung fu, lace, louis xvi, love, macarons, madame pompadour, making clothes, making things, marie antoinette, matching accessories, message boards, monkeys, music, my business, nihongami, nintendo, nintendogs, origami, ostrich plumes, panniers, pastries, pattern drafting, pearls, petticoats, photography, pin up, pink, pirate monkeys, pirates, pixel art, pop, powder, quaintrelle, queen ann dolls, reading, retro, ribbon, rococo, rose bertin, scones, sewing, shoes, skating, stays, straight edge, strawberries, street fashion, sweet, t'ian shan pai, taste, tea, teacups, the internet, toys, vegetarian food, versailles, victorian, victoriana, vintage, vintage fashion, vintage hair, vinyl records, vinyl toys, vivcore, wigs, writing, wu shu